Drumatoxin - Sound Library

Special sound library for Wusik STATION V7

Drumatoxin is an unique sound library. It is a sparkling collection of electronically processed drum and percussive sounds that can liven the most sagging drum track. Almost 2000 quality drum samples in 32 drum sets offer the broad spectrum of usage in various music styles.

You get sounds for live or sequenced drum tracks that are outright drum kits, sequencer driven sets, electronic and ambient, percussive sounds, industrial sounds and bases.

Unless you do exclusively capella choirs, you really need Drumatoxin. Please follow the link below to order it now to begin making bright and lively music right away!

This sound library is compatible with Wusik STATION version 3.12 to 7.08.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though it is possible to load Drumatoxin into Wusik STATION version 8 and higher, the final sounds are not identical due to major changes of internal structures in the new versions.

Main Features
  • Size: 450 MB (uncompressed), 170 MB downloadable in a RAR archive.
  • 577 presets created by Vera Kinter (Artvera) and Daniel Kemp (dnekm).
  • Overall: 47 soundsets in WusikStation format.
  • 32 drum sets with almost 2000 samples processed with various effects for really unique sounds (no dry acoustic sets).
    Each of these 32 drum sets contains 61 unique samples mapped to keys in range C3 (36) to C8 (96).
  • 15 soundsets of bass sounds for creating presets Drum & Bass.
  • Almost all presets are rhythmical and/or melodic sequences.
  • More than 29000 rhythmic variations.

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Drumatoxin - Categories of Presets
*  Basic Sets
*  Drum & Bass (Melodic patterns)
*  Drum-Beat (4 categories of 1-4 to 4-4 bars)
*  Drum-Beat (Percussive)
*  Extreme (Industrial)
*  One-shot (Effects)
*  Rhythms (Combinations)

User Reviews
* Mellotronaut:   I'm about to use it for the first time and i can say: it is a must! Extremly useful, totally varied, great sounds and patches...very! I played one of the industrial-patches with two arps in Ableton Live 6 (and tweaking of several controller-knobs assigned to the arps) and two beatrepeat effects.....huuiiiii, that's weird....every key has another loop and then arp tempo and gate etc. changes....sooo many possibilities!
* Mike:   I tried out Drumatoxin and I can see it going GREAT alongside Stylus RMX - it will really add that special something I have been looking for. A great product with massive potential!!!
* Darem:   ...had some time last night to play around with Drumatoxin. It's very inspiring. It won't be long before you can hear it in my work...
* DJgroovy:   I gotta say I'm impressed, this thing is endless amounts of fun, very well programed and inspirational. Those drum patterns with diferent sounds on every key are very good.
* Izir:   I purchased Drumatoxin a few days ago and must say that it's great. It should not be advertised as a drum library as it's much more. It offers thousands of unique sounds and combinations, a lot of inspiration for new songs. Thank you so much for this wonderful sound library!
* fgauer:   ...dang I haven't had so much fun with drums in a long time. The loops are creative, different - right in the pocket as far as beat and feel goes. The textures of the sounds can really combine into some very inspirational stuff. I come from a total drummer background. Back in the 80's (this dates me) I marched drum corps - which is basically having a drum strapped to you 14 hours a day for 4 months straight. I also put myself through college playing jazz drums and vibes. Because of this background I don't rely on any drum loops or sequencers at all. I lay my own drum tracks and I try to go for a feel that isn't too exact or mechanical - trying to preserve a human (almost vulnerable) feel. Drumatoxin has converted me now. I'll definitely be firing these up to lay some base tracks and then maybe move over into completely human recorded tracks either to embellish them or compliment them. They are just very well done. And combined with the nicely done samples themselves - and the sheer variety of them - Drumatoxin has become my new favorite toy.

Mp3 demos
Drumatoxin includes 577 presets, nearly all of them (477) are rhythmic sequences. Each rhythmic preset includes 61 varied sound sequences with a 61-key keyboard range. Basically when you play all 61 keys, it's like having 61 presets in each single preset. That's more than 29000 sound variations included in these rhythmic sequences.

A few of the variations of rhythms and sounds can be heard in the demo MP3 files with the player below. Each of them contains a short rhythmic sequence of a single preset. In these demos only one, two or three keys are used, pushed at the same time.

Demos include only sounds from Drumatoxin without any other external effects.