Mistral - Sound Library

Special sound library for Wusik STATION V7

Mistral, designed by Vera Kinter (Artvera) in cooperation with Daniel Kemp (Dnekm), Stephan Muesch (Rsmus7) and Marc Hoppe (Teksonik), offers the best collection of ethnic sounds - String Instruments, Drums/Percussion, Woodwinds, Vocals and more.

Most of presets includes complex layers including the usage of both sequencers for almost complete sound tracks.

With over 400 presets and 300 megabytes of sample data it's a great inspiration for musicians who create nearly any kind of music, especially for composers of Film, Ethnical, NewAge and Ambient music.

This sound library is compatible with Wusik STATION version 3.12 to 7.08.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though it is possible to load Mistral into Wusik STATION version 8 and higher, the final sounds are not identical due to major changes of internal structures in the new versions.

Main Features
  • Over 400 presets, many taking advantage of all the new features of Wusikstation version 3.
  • 300 Megabytes of samples.
  • Presets mostly with an oriental overtone.
  • Many of the presets contain longer melodic sequences, not only individual instruments.
  • Woodwind ethnic instruments, incl. vocals.
  • Percussive/drum sequences.
  • Multiple string instruments.
  • Very interesting pads with extra sounds which can be used for different music styles. These pads have been created by combining multiple ethnic instruments.
  • Nature sounds which have been used to create special sound effects.
  • All of the sounds and presets are categorized in folders for easy browsing.
  • Mistral is downloadable in a "RAR" archive.

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Mistral - Categories of Presets
*  Standalone Instruments
*  Melodic Sequences
*  Percussion Sequences
*  Pads
*  SFX Sounds
*  User Presets (additional 20 presets made by Teksonik)

User Reviews
* Montie:   I just played my first notes from the Mistral with Celtika. I love this thing! Already a happy customer.
* Mike:   All I can say is WOW. Your presets kick butt to the highest measure. I am going to have a LOT of inspiration with this soundset. I BEG of you to create more presets and sample sets of this variety. I will buy every single one.
* Tim Conrardy:   Just got Mistral and think its fantastic!
* Uchdryd:   Outstanding! That was the best $30 I've spent all year. This ethnic library is exactly what Wusikstation needed.
* Cain:   Yeah Artvera I really loved the soundset. Great buy I would totaly recommend it.
* Mark Briody:   I bought Mistral several months ago because I liked some of the demo sounds. Today I built my new DAW, installed Wusik4 and played Mistral. My jaw hit the floor!!!! I have never been this excited about sounds since I was a kid and first heard the Korg Wavestation. Mistral is AMAZING!! Thanks for the FANTASTIC product!

Mp3 demos
You can listen a few demo MP3 files by the player below.
Each of them contains a short sequence of a single preset.
It has not been changed by any external effects.